Japan's suspension of subsidies to Korean schools


The Tokyo Metropolitan authorities and the Yokohama City Educational Committee of Japan decided not to pay subsidies to Korean schools in Japan.

Citing the reason, they said it is because "north Korea threatens Japan's peace with nuclear weapons and missiles" and "facilities of Korean schools have been used for activities of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon)."

This is a mean act of those steeped in bitterness toward the DPRK and Chongryon and chauvinist idea to the marrow of their bones.

The reason cited by the Japanese reactionaries when suppressing the Korean schools is sophism to justify their crimes against humanity.

Once they cried out for imposing sanctions on Korean schools, citing "abduction issue" and "contents of education". This sparked off denunciation and rebuff by the public.

Now they label Korean schools as "ideology schools" and "institutions for operation against Japan", not content with taking issue with the war deterrence of the DPRK.

As was reported by CNN broadcasting journalists' travelogue on a Korean school in Japan this year, Korean schools in Japan are educational institutions as same as those in other parts of the world.

This proves the absurdity of the reasons cited by the Japanese reactionaries.

Clear is the aim sought by the Japanese authorities in kicking up the wholesale suppression of Korean schools in Japan.

We cannot but take note of the fact that the reasons for discrimination against Korean schools have something in common with the anti-DPRK and anti-Chongryon moves which have so far been conducted by the Japanese right-wing forces.

Politicians of the island country have been angered by their anti-DPRK racket proving futile despite their loud call for "pressurizing the DPRK to abandon nuclear program".

They seek to use Korean students in Japan for realizing their hostile policy toward the DPRK.

The Japanese ultra-right forces' racket for imposing sanctions on Korean schools is a hideous crime against humanity.

The international convention on abolition of all forms of racial discrimination adopted at the UN in 1965 defines as racial discrimination any form of differentiation, rejection and restriction attributed to lineage and nationality and brands organizations encouraging these acts and those affiliated to them as international criminals.

Moreover, students of Korean schools are descendents of Koreans who were subject to all kinds of hard work after being forcibly taken to Japan during the Japanese imperialists' fascist colonial rule.

The Japanese authorities are under obligation to provide Korean students with the right to learn from international legal point of view and in the light of historical facts.

Japan has so far officially approved the operation of Korean schools in Japan and could not but conduct activities supporting them till a few years ago because it owned legal and moral obligations for its past crime-woven history and it feared strict opinion of the international community.

With nothing can Japan justify the act of using foreign students in the country as political bargaining chips for realizing its reactionary foreign policy.

The Japanese reactionaries' hideous political terrorism to achieve their aim by suppressing rising generations and campus will result in pricking their own eyes.

(KCNA - November 20, 2013)

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