Fascist moves to disband Teachers Union

A spokesman for the Educational and Cultural Workers' Union of Korea (ECWUK) Saturday made public a statement:

By ECWUK Spokesperson

The south Korean puppet authorities have gone to extremes in their fascist moves to revive the "yusin" dictatorship in south Korea.

Some time ago, the puppet Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Ministry of Education took such a tyrannical action as formally depriving the Teachers Union (Jongyojo) of its legitimate status as a trade union under the pretext that it backed the teachers who had been laid-off for conducting just educational activities for democratization of society and kept them affiliated to the union.

According to it, city and provincial offices of education in south Korea started enforcing the "law" to stamp out Jongyojo.

The ECWUK Central Committee denounces the brutal suppression of Jongyojo as an action of suppressing the inviolable democratic education and a hideous fascist action to build "yusin" dictatorial system by eliminating the democratic forces in south Korea.

Jongyojo has made efforts to combat sycophancy towards the U.S. and hostility towards compatriots and achieve social democracy and national unity, conducting education to help the youth and children have a correct view on history and consciousness of reunification after singling out "education for the nation, democracy and humanization" as its programme.

The present chief executive blustered long ago that it is "impossible to leave children to Jongyojo", branding it as "an entity as harmful as a noxious insect". As soon as she took office she kicked off fascist suppression of it to stamp out it.

The Koreans will never pardon the conservative group which suppresses the educators teaching justice and truth and tramples down the inviolable education by enforcing fascist dictatorial rule. The group is bound to meet a shameful fiasco for such outrageous action against the nation and democracy.

(KCNA - November 2, 2013)

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