End S Korean fascist regime

DWUK calls on S Korean women to struggle against S Korean regime

By DWUK Spokesperson

The spokeswoman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea (DWUK) Monday released a statement calling on the south Korean women to come out in the struggle to put an end to the fascist dictatorial rule of the puppet conservative group:

The departed soul of ill-famed "yusin" is now riding roughshod in south Korea after being brought back though it had faced a stern punishment by history and had been buried in its grave.

The puppet group have committed undemocratic acts of brutally suppressing the progressive and democratic forces out in their actions for social progress and democracy and wantonly trampling down the freedom and rights to conduct political activities.

The "yusin" dictatorship forced so many mothers in south Korea to shed blood and tears, bringing so much pain to them. If such dictatorship is allowed to reemerge there, it will be hard to expect happiness of families, future of their children and social democracy.

If the south Koreans yield to the last-ditch harsh suppression by the fascist group, they will bring to naught the results of the bloody struggle they have waged for the last several decades and will be deprived of even elementary democratic rights as human beings in dark society under the reign of all sorts of injustice and tyranny.

The fascist dictators swimming against the trend of the times and turning their back on the people can never go scot-free.

The DWUK Central Committee is firmly convinced that broad social strata of women in south Korea will firmly join hands with other people in actions for social progress, democracy and reunification and courageously turn out in the sacred struggle to decisively foil the moves of the conservative ruling forces to stifle the progressive and democratic forces and bring a new democratic society and usher in the morning of reunification.

(KCNA - November 25, 2013)

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