Don't forget lesson of Yonphyong island shelling

By KPA Southwestern Sector of Front Command Spokesperson

The spokesman for the Command of the Korean People's Army in the southwestern sector of the front released the following statement Friday:

Thunderous shelling rocked the earth, pounding the enemies who mounted preemptive attacks with just showering of shells in the hotspot area in the southwestern sector of the front on November 23 three years ago.

The prompt counterattack made by the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front turned Yonphyong Island into the sea of fire. This praiseworthy event proved that the DPRK will never tolerate anyone who provokes it and that the provokers will be made to pay a very dear price.

The Yonphyong island shelling was a result of the puppet forces' reckless provocation against the DPRK in all aspects.

The puppet forces were staging Hoguk war drill against the DPRK at that time. On November 23 they declared that they would hold adventurous artillery shelling drill, threatening the security of the territorial waters of the DPRK.

The Korean People's Army immediately sent an advance notice, denouncing the puppet forces for their sinister plot to maintain the brigandish "northern limit line" and warning them to behave with discretion.

But the puppet forces, buoyed with extreme provocative hysteria, opened fire at the sacred territorial waters of the DPRK, defying its repeated advance warnings.

There is limit to patience.

The heroic service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front launched strong counterattack all at once.

They shelled Yonphyong Island, the headquarters of the provokers, engulfing the island in the sea of fire.

This left puppet soldiers dead and wounded, and others went into hiding into shelters and dugout to find a way out.

Puppet army barracks, commanding posts, police stations and other army and police buildings turned into ashes and K-9 howitzers, radars and firepower strike means with various missions turned into scrap iron.

Much embarrassed by the powerful retaliatory blows of the KPA, the puppet military sent a notice to the KPA, begging it to stop shelling.

This was tantamount to a surrender document unprecedented in the history of the north-south relations.

No sooner had he received a report about the Yonphyong Island shelling than traitor Lee Myung Bak rushed into the underground cellar of Chongwadae where he cried out to stop it from "developing into a war". Later puppet Defense Minister Kim Kwan Jin made an official appearance at which he said that the shelling was an "indelible and painful wound" and a "case that gave great disappointment".

The Yonphyong island shelling was a just strike of the army and people of the DPRK who do not tolerate even a bit those who infringe upon the inviolable sovereignty and the dignity of the DPRK.

It is quite natural that the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front mercilessly countered the provokers who dared opened fire into the territorial waters of the DPRK.

The shelling was a retaliatory war waged by the defenders of sovereignty. It taught the puppet military warmongers how much price they would have to pay for their reckless provocation.

This was also an eruption of the pent-up grudge of the army and people of the DPRK in the face of the reckless provocation of the maniacs keen on escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.

The deep-running hatred toward the enemies resulted in the shower of shells and the mounting resentment turned the island into the heap of ashes.

The KPA side did not suffer a single casualty or the loss of single piece of weapons from the shelling. It was a proud and victorious battle that demonstrated the might of the powerful Paektusan revolutionary army.

Throughout the shelling the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front and the people fought in the same trench and after the battle they climbed to nearby hills and even on rooftops of dwelling houses, shouting hurrah and sharing strength and courage.

The scene on the Island, on the other hand, was quite spectacular.

Not only inhabitants but service personnel of the puppet army tried to escape from the island to get rid of horror. The sea route leading to Inchon was blocked as they fled in disarray.

But far from drawing a due lesson from the shelling the puppet forces tried to convince the public that the shelling incident was a result of "provocation" by the DPRK. They even described their defeat as "victory" and held the farce of anti-communist "commemorative event".

There are countries and nations which commemorate and celebrate war victories but it is only the south Korean puppet forces who describe defeat as "victory". How pitiful they are.

Last year traitor Lee Myung Bak with just "2MB" of IQ held the farce. This year Park Geun Hye and her group is behaving just as same as Lee.

Park and her group should draw a bitter lesson from the shameful defeat they sustained from the Yonphyong island shelling.

It is the fixed will and determination of the army and people of the DPRK including the service personnel in the southwestern sector of the front not to miss an opportunity should the puppet forces make provocation again.

Three years ago the retaliatory blow was confined to the Yonphyong island only but this time Chongwadae and other bases of the puppet forces will be put within the striking range.

The puppet forces are blustering that they reinforced MLRS, Cobra choppers and Spike missiles and other strike means in their bid to retrieve their defeat. They are even spreading the news that they finished the first-phase "fortification" project on the five islands in the West Sea of Korea.

This is as foolish an act as trying to evade the shower of shelling with an ordinary umbrella.

They should clearly bear in mind that everything will turn into stick of taffy by the unprecedentedly powerful military strike of the KPA.

They should never forget that the recurrence of the reckless provocation will reduce Chongwadae into the sea of fire leading it to the reunification.

If they run reckless, oblivious of the bitter lesson of the defeat, they will never be able to escape miserable fate.

Victory is always in store for the powerful Paektusan revolutionary army, defenders of justice.

(KCNA - November 22, 2013)

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