Desperate moves to abduct DPRK inhabitants

By CPRK Spokesperson

The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued a statement on Friday:

These days the south Korean puppet group is becoming more desperate in its moves to abduct inhabitants of the DPRK and hatch plots against it by use of defectors from the north.

Agents of the puppet Intelligence Service (IS) of south Korea are now working with bloodshot eyes to lure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK by infiltrating members of such plot-breeding organizations as "Turi Hana" into its northern border area. They are, at the same time, bribing those who had been taken to south Korea before sending them back to the DPRK with the mission to gather information about it and destabilize it.

Meanwhile, the puppet Foreign Ministry set up what it called a "cooperation team" tasked to lure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK overseas and established similar teams in south Korean embassies in neighboring countries and Southeast Asian countries. The number of members of such teams is now on the sharp increase.

The puppet Ministry of Unification shaped a budget to "finance river-crossing" and is going busy with operations to lure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK, providing funds through the "Foundation for Defectors from North".

It is wooing defectors from the north to stage performances on payment condition, thus using them for false propaganda against the DPRK.

The chief executive, prime minister and other heavyweights of the south Korean regime are zealously putting forward human scum, praising them as "fighters for independence." The south Korean regime is operating even a "course for training leaders for defectors from north" overseas after creating an organization called "academy of leaders of young defectors from north for unification."

The operations to lure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK being carried out with various ministries and agencies and bosses in power involved and the conspiratorial racket kicked up by use of defectors from the north are something unprecedented. This clearly indicates what reckless phase they have reached.

The above-said operations and conspiratorial ruckus are nothing but hysteric frenzy to tarnish the international prestige of the DPRK and break the single-minded unity and achieve their sinister purpose, taken aback by the stirring reality of the DPRK in which its people are making steady leap forward and winning victory after victory.

The world knows no such brutal villains and depraved guys, obsessed with confrontation with fellow countrymen, as the south Korean puppet group which lures and abducts compatriots in broad daylight in wanton violation of sovereignty of other countries and international law, with all "government" institutions and human scum involved.

The puppet regime's terrorism and conspiratorial plots are, in fact, hideous provocation against the people and social system of the DPRK and declaration of a war against it.

The CPRK upon the authorization solemnly declares the following decisive practical actions to cope with the evermore undisguised abduction operations and conspiratorial plots of the puppet regime:

Those involved in the abduction of inhabitants of the DPRK and flesh traffic, participants in the smear campaign against the DPRK and violators of its sovereignty and human rights of its inhabitants will be on the list of merciless punishment, regardless of whether they are agents or servants of the IS. Namely Nam Jae Jun, director of the IS, the center of plot-breeding operations, will be its primary target.

The decisive actions to physically liquidate the despicable criminals and human scum will immediately kick off the moment they were declared. These decisive measures for national security and the guarantee of human rights of inhabitants are an exercise of due rights under the law of the DPRK and they are just and aboveboard in the light of international law.

Whoever challenges the inviolable dignity and social system of the DPRK and abuses the human rights of its inhabitants will find no room to stay on this land.

(KCNA - November 8, 2013)

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