Conservatives invoke specter of Park Chung-Hee

South Korean conservative group invoking specter of Park Chung-Hee
Figures of conservative circle including Hwang U Yo, head of Saenuri Party, October 26 offered incense at the grave site of "yusin" dictator. (Photo Yonhap News)

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) issued its information bulletin No. 1049 on Thursday:

By CPRK Secretariat

The south Korean puppet conservative group held on Oct. 26 disgusting "memorial services" for Park Chung-Hee, former ill-famed dictator of "yusin" 34 years since he was shot to death.

The "Saenuri Party" and conservative group let loose a string of balderdash that "the era of the yusin was better than the present" and " dictatorship is necessary" at the "memorial services" held in "Hyonchung Cemetery", Seoul and Kumi, North Kyongsang Province, the birthplace of Park Chung-Hee, on that day.

They also asserted that the "May 16 Military Coup was a decision for national salvation," praising the "yusin" dictator to the sky. They went the lengths of blustering that they would certainly achieve together with Park Geun Hye what was wished by him to attain.

The puppet conservative group's disgusting farces are anachronistic foolish acts contrary to the trend of the times and an unpardonable mockery and challenge to the south Koreans and all other compatriots.

There was no such precedent in which a dictator met such a miserable end, forsaken by all the people, as what Park Chung-Hee did.

Even today the south Korean people are troubled with the nightmare in those times whenever they hear the word of the "yusin".

The conservative group staged such ruckuses as extolling Park Chung-Hee and embellishing his "yusin" dictatorship, instead of feeling ashamed of the wicked dictator who met a tragic death, cursed by all Koreans. They clearly indicate what ferocious fascists and dictators they are.

What is happening in different parts of south Korea at present is that the departed soul of "yusin" has been brought back, the fascist dictatorship is riding roughshod, the remnants of the "yusin" and their descendents are running riot as if the days of their glory had returned and various farces are taking place to praise "yusin."

Legitimate political parties and progressive organizations and figures are being cruelly cracked down on charge of "following the north" and political freedom, democratic rights and elementary right to existence and human rights of people wantonly violated due to the politics of intelligence and the politics of terror.

The recent farces are a vivid manifestation of the moves to revive the "yusin" dictatorship and part of the campaign to praise the "yusin" dictator.

It is as clear as pikestaff that if such foolish acts of the puppet conservative group reminiscent of neo-Nazis are allowed to go on, there will come back to south Korea the medieval dark era of fascist rule harsher than Park's "yusin" dictatorship.

It is great misfortune and shame for south Korea to go back to the era of the "yusin" dictatorship quite contrary to the trend of the times, concluded the bulletin.

(KCNA - November 1, 2013)

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