Anti-DPRK racket of S Korean regime assailed

The General Association of Koreans in China issued a statement on Oct. 30 to denounce the south Korean authorities for positively supporting and patronizing human scum's anti-DPRK smear campaign:

By General Association of Koreans in China

At the instigation and support of the south Korean conservative authorities, human scum who defected from the north opened a website mimicking the north's internet "By our nation itself". Not content with posting on the website what malignantly slanders the DPRK, they conducted a "signature campaign for the election of a new leader" through the website only to spark off the towering resentment of the nation.

Their despicable act is an unpardonable insult and unbearable challenge to not only the Korean nation but also Koreans in China.

The south Korean authorities are depending even on human scum, defectors from the north who have neither a scrap of conscience nor any sense of obligation, in pursuit of the absurd ambition for the unification of the social systems while paying lip service to the "respect" for the north-south joint declarations, "dialogue" and "sincerity." Very wretched is the plight of the authorities.

They are sadly mistaken if they calculate the farces of human scum worse than a flock of rats can shake even a little the firm faith of the DPRK and its people who remain unchanged despite all sorts of siege offensives and moves of the imperialist allied forces to isolate and stifle it century after century.

They should behave themselves, well aware of the steadfast will and spirit of the people of the country not to pardon anyone who malignantly slanders the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its social system.

They should take a substantial measure of closing the anti-reunification and confrontational website immediately.

(KCNA - November 3, 2013)

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