S Korean puppet forces' rigmaroles


The south Korean puppet forces are these days slandering the principled stand of the DPRK on the situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula.

They talk rubbish that the tough steps taken by the DPRK are little short of hyping again the strategy for "engaging the U.S. and blocking south Korea" as a "gesture" to attract the U.S. attention.

They also claim that there is little possibility that the situation will develop as desired by the north due to the consistent stand of the U.S. administration that the improvement of the inter-Korean relations is a "premise for the mending of north Korea-U.S. relations".

This is a mean and base way of thinking of a colonial servant.

The traitors are making such tongue-lashing, not feeling ashamed of having vitiated the atmosphere of dialogue while talking about "theory of principle" though it had developed favorably. This is nothing but a cynical ploy to divert elsewhere world public criticism of them who derailed inter-Korean dialogue and deteriorated the situation. "Engaging the U.S. and blocking south Korea" touted by them only betrays their ulterior intention.

"Engaging the U.S." may be a serious issue for the puppet regime as it has to read the U.S. face in all matters while kowtowing to it but it is nothing to do with the DPRK. If it is in the interests of the country and the nation, the DPRK will can engage or block the U.S. as it pleases.

Whether the DPRK opts for bilateral or multilateral talks is ultimately aimed to put an end to the U.S. threat of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula and hand a new nuclear-free world to the nation and posterity.

This is because attaching importance to the nation is the principled stand the DPRK has firmly maintained as regards the common interests of the nation. Proceeding from this, the DPRK advised the Park Geun Hye group to think and act from the stand of giving importance to the nation when it was making a new war drumbeat together with foreign forces after taking office and trumpeted about "the north's sincere dismantlement of its nukes" and begged for "cooperation in pressurize the north" during its foreign trips. But what Park and her group did was perfidious.

The group has cried out for "bringing down the north's regime" while talking about "leading the north to changes" but unconditionally served foreign forces while vociferating about "tightened blood alliance" with them.

The group has taken the lead in helping its master in its moves to stifle the DPRK, ignoring sincere efforts and magnanimity of fellow countrymen. Does it have any face to grumble about "engaging the U.S. and blocking south Korea."

The humiliating diplomacy towards foreign forces is a "state policy" of the Park group. It is a product of the master-servant political relations.

With no rhetoric can the Park group justify its cursed behaviors as it is prolonging its remaining days as political prostitutes while still leaving everything to the tender mercy of its master.

Looking back on history, all puppet forces met miserable ends for being totally submissive to the U.S.

Park and her group had better bear this deep in mind.

(KCNA - October 30, 2013)

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