Park Geun Hye's short-sighted political view


Park Geun Hye's short-sighted political view
Park Geun Hye
South Korean "president" Park Geun Hye is very poor in her insight.

During her recent Southeast Asian trip she uttered that "it is not desirable for the north to channel all national power into nuclear development" and "it is necessary to send an invariable message to the north so that it may dismantle its nukes."

Prior to this, she blustered that "south Korea would acquire as early as possible capability for coping with nukes and WMDs while maintaining strong south Korea-U.S. joint defense system so that the north may understand itself that its nukes and missiles are no more usable."

It seems that her basic political mode is aimed to disable the nukes of fellow countrymen in collusion with outsiders, though it is not so long since she came to power.

It should not go unnoticed that the most malignant mud-slinging she made at home and overseas was of the nukes of the north.

In a word, what she uttered is no more than a whole string of rigmaroles let loose by the traitor in a bid to disable the nukes of compatriots, a valuable treasure of the nation, with the help of foreign forces and a revelation of her short-sighted political view and ignorance.

It is shame on the nation for the U.S. stooge Park Geun Hye to say this or that about the DPRK's nuclear weapons of justice.

Park is now in such poor position that she cannot survive even a day without staking her fate as a politician on outsiders and regarding her American master as her husband. Does she know anything about the noble mission of the DPRK's nukes for self-defence as she is so busy decrying them?

The treasured nuclear sword of the DPRK is a means for defending itself from aggressors' nuclear threat.

In order to protect the sovereignty and vital rights of the nation and the supreme interests of the country its army and people had access to diversified precision nuclear deterrence by tightening their belts.

The validity of the DPRK's choice has been proved day by day in the world where the jungle law prevails and by the geopolitical situation on the Korean Peninsula where the U.S. and other aggressors are waiting for a change to invade the DPRK.

But for the treasured nuclear sword for the compatriots, the north and the south of Korea would not have been able to escape a war disaster, much less Park's assumption of office as "president."

To cry out for the DPRK's dismantlement of nukes in utter disregard of this stark fact is something that can be done only by the idiots who are utterly unable to judge what is going in actuality.

The more eagerly the Park's group begs foreign forces to pressurize the north to drop its treasured sword for defending the nation, the more glaringly it will reveal the true colors of the group as top-class nuclear war servants of the U.S. bereft of elementary reason and judgment and colonial lackeys.

Pitiful, indeed, is the plight of the puppet group which prolongs its political career by clinging to coattails of outsiders.

(KCNA - October 18, 2013)

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