Park Geun Hye should mind her own business

The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) issued the following statement on Saturday:

By CPRK Spokesperson

As already reported, the spokesman for the Policy Department of the DPRK National Defence Commission released a statement sternly warning Park Geun Hye and her party to behave with discretion as regards their unprecedented moves to escalate confrontation with the DPRK and ignite a war against it in collusion with foreign forces.

This is just criticism of the puppet group driving the inter-Korean relations into catastrophe again though they had reached a phase of dialogue thanks to much effort and a due warning to put the prevailing situation under control.

Had Park and her group have a reasonable way of thinking even a bit, they would have lent an ear to the profound meaning of criticism and warnings made by the DPRK and behaved with discretion.

However, the group, far from pondering over this, let the spokesman for the Ministry of Unification make public "a statement" slandering the advice.

Fining fault with what the DPRK said what it should do to Park, the group termed it "an unreasonable behavior bereft of elementary courtesy", raising a hue and cry over "spirit of mutual respect", "polite demeanor" and the like.

The group should reflect on its wrongdoings before talking about "courtesy" and "politeness." Is it "courtesy", "polite demeanor" and "spirit of mutual reciprocity" to deny the dignity of the supreme leadership and social system of the other party and escalate confrontation while letting loose a whole string of invectives against it?

Park is taking the lead in trumpeting about "unification under liberal democracy", slandering the social system of the dignified DPRK and letting her yes men, reptile media, experts and even human scum do harm to its social system and making much fuss to disturb the world. This is the reality of south Korea.

The group has no face to talk about "mutual respect" while totally denying the other party and crying out for confronting with its social system and overthrowing its regime. The group has gone the lengths of taking issue with the DPRK's politics of love for the people and the true picture of the harmonious whole. This is an uncivilized and immoral behavior hard to find in any part of in the world.

Park Geun Hye, a politician, must have known about it very well.

She should have opened her mouth, well aware of what consequences were to be entailed by her evil remarks rattling the nerves of the dialogue partner.

It is unpardonable provocation and unbearable mockery of the DPRK that such depraved villains bereft of elementary common sense and etiquette in the inter-Korean relations are talking about "courtesy," "unreasonable behavior" and the like.

Great irony is that Park and her group claimed as if they were trying to "make efforts to build confidence step by step" through dialogue and cooperation.

What Park has done after taking office is nothing but confrontation and war moves she has stepped up under the signboard of "confidence", deepening the mistrust between the north and the south.

It is none other than Park and her group who openly worked out the "principal plan for the development of the south-north relations" in which she scrapped the inter-Korean declarations, a landmark for reunification common to the nation, and officially declared the confrontation of the social systems.

It is again the puppet regime which insulted the DPRK by describing the operation in the Kaesong Industrial Zone, an offspring of the June 15 era, as someone's "source of money making," and worked out a sinister scenario to introduce U.S. special force into the zone, making much fuss about the "incident of detention," "rescue of hostages."

It is none other than the regime that scuttled the six rounds of the talks for reopening the Kaesong Industrial Zone, which were arranged by the positive efforts of the DPRK, by setting absurd preconditions.

The regime, obsessed with the confrontation with compatriots, checked the resumption of the tour of Mt. Kumgang, a cooperative undertaking common to the Korean nation, under the pretext of banning "source of money making" of the DPRK. The regime went so brazen-faced enough as to describe the reunion of the separated families and relatives from the north and the south of Korea, that was arranged with much effort, as the fruition of south Korea's "theory of principle", abusing it for escalating the confrontation. The reunion, therefore, proved abortive.

The war-like forces' moves to unleash a nuclear war against the DPRK, in particular, have reached an extremely reckless phase.

Madcap south Korea-U.S. joint nuclear war exercises targeting the DPRK are being staged in south Korea even at this moment and massive nuclear strike means, including a nuclear carrier of the U.S., are being transported through the sky, land and sea to be deployed in south Korea.

A few days ago, south Korea and its American master held a military confab and worked out and officially announced the "tailored deterrence strategy" aimed at mounting preemptive nuclear attacks on the DPRK.

Park and her regime only deepens the feelings of antagonism, confrontation and distrust through the racket for escalating stand-off and igniting a war, not building confidence step by step through dialogue and cooperation.

This is the truth of the "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" about which the Park group talks a great deal.

Decrying the stand clarified by the DPRK to adhere to the line of pushing forward the economic construction and the building of nuclear force simultaneously to cope with the increasing nuclear threat of the U.S., the group jabbered that "the north should dismantle its nukes and opt for changes" and "the line is not helpful to the inhabitants in the north at all."

As fair-minded world public opinion unanimously recognizes, the DPRK's nukes serve as a treasured sword for protecting the destiny of the country and the nation from the U.S. threat of nuclear war and a national treasure for reunified Korea.

It is quite natural for the DPRK to have had access to nukes and bolstered up them to protect its dignity and the security of the nation under the situation where the U.S. nuclear threat persists.

If the nuclear issue on the peninsula is to find a fair solution, it is necessary to defuse the U.S. nuclear threat which spawned the nuclear issue, force it to roll back its hostile policy towards the DPRK and make its aggressor forces pull out of south Korea taking with them all nuclear weapons.

It is the height of ridicule for Park and her group to take issue with the above-said line of the DPRK this or that way, bereft of any elementary common sense and reason.

"Demand of the international community" touted by the puppet regime is nothing but the brigandish one of the U.S., its master. "Trend of the times" on its lips is no more than the anti-DPRK conspiratorial racket of such followers of the U.S. as the puppet group.

The Park group makes much fuss about somebody's "changes" whenever an opportunity presents itself. This is nothing but sheer sophism intended to force the DPRK to divert from the roads of independence, Songun and socialism and realize its scenario for aggression in league with the U.S.

It is none other than Park and her group, servants of the U.S., who should face up to the trend of the times and come to their senses.

The U.S. is now driving the south Korean puppet group to use it as a shock force in the war of aggression, making it bound to the military alliance more tightly and placing it deep under "nuclear umbrella" in a bid to realize the scenario for world domination.

Poor, indeed, is the south Korean puppet group trying hard to please its U.S. master, ballyhooing about "closer south Korea-U.S. alliance", unaware of the serious harm done even to its heart by the U.S.

Park and her group would be well advised to mind their own business before talking nonsense about someone.

If they are not willing to utter proper words in this bright world, they better shut their mouths.

The Park group would be well advised to stop making reckless remarks, paying heed to the just criticism and proper warning made by the DPRK, though belatedly. They should behave themselves if they want to escape a miserable end.

(KCNA - October 5, 2013)

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