Japanese Dietmen's visit to shrine

Japan sick enough to eulogize war criminals


More than 150 Japanese Dietmen flocked to the Yasukuni shrine where the mortuaries of top-class war criminals are kept and paid tribute under the pretext of marking autumn grand festival on October 18.

Society sick enough to eulogize war criminals
Japanese lawmakers flocking to the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo on October 18, 2013.

The ultra-right elements led by the chief executive of Japan are now eulogizing erstwhile militarists and justifying their visit to the shrine.

On October 17, the Japanese chief executive made an offering to the shrine and trumpeted about "respect" for "those who lost their lives while fighting for the country".

The chief Cabinet secretary and other ultra-right conservative politicians are lifting the criminals up, talking about "those who met deaths in battlefields while thinking about the country and worrying about their families".

This militarist act is as hideous and serious as a war crime committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past as it is aimed to laud as "heroes" those fascists and murderers who committed crimes against humanity and step up the preparations for turning the country into a military giant and launching reinvasion.

Those whom the Japanese reactionaries call "heroes who fought for the country" to be "respected" are top-class criminals to whom the human conscience does not apply the statute of limitations as they inflicted unspeakable misfortune and pain on the Koreans and other Asian people in the last century.

The Japanese imperialist beasts unhesitatingly committed hideous crimes that would make even animals blush including murder, extortion and even sexual slavery. Those crimes can never be written off no matter how much water may flow under the bridge and Japan has not yet redeemed them.

These top-class war criminals committed indelible crimes against Japanese people, to say nothing of Asians.

Japan hurled its simple young and middle-aged men to battlefields and turned them into a group of robbers and dirty animals whose regular jobs are murder and plunder.

They left Japan as a country of devils in history.

The trumpeting about "sacred sacrifice" and "respect" can not but be a frontal challenge to the international community and a mockery of the Japanese.

This deplorable thing is happening in Japan at a time when efforts are being made by European countries to bury fascism once and for all as evidenced by the movement waged by Italians recently not to allow a Nazi war criminal to be buried in their country after his death.

This fact goes to prove that Japan is a modern type fascist state and a depraved war criminal state blinded by war hysteria.

The rulers of Japan are pursuing visits to the shrine, projecting the war criminals as "patriots" though they were mercilessly executed by international law. This is aimed at implanting the fascist idea of the war criminals into the minds of Japanese people and painting their unethical acts as just ones and hurling all of them into reinvasion as militarist maniacs.

History proves that only death awaited those psychopaths who pursued aggression, plunder and genocide as a way out.

Should the Japanese reactionaries pursue the moves for turning Japan into a military giant and launching reinvasion in defiance of truth of history, Japan will certainly fall into a bottomless abyss of ruin.

(KCNA - October 22, 2013)

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