Japan should behave with reason


The Japanese authorities are working in real earnest to establish the national security council of Japan.

The House of Representatives of Japan on Oct. 17 decided to set up an ad hoc committee for national security to deliberate on the bill for establishing the national security council, etc. and informally designated as its chairman the former minister of Finance from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), who held the post of the director general of the Defense Agency in the past.

Abe Shinzo eager to establish the national security council of Japan
Abe Shinzo
Earlier, the chief executive of Japan, who called for building "strong Japan", expressed the will to establish the national security council and, at the same time, lay down a national security strategy.

This is, in the final analysis, an extremely dangerous move of the present Japanese authorities as they are keen to round off the state machinery as befitting a war state.

The national security council projected by Japan is just the same as the war mechanism of the U.S. as it is aggressive and bellicose in its nature.

As already known, the U.S. president is the chairman of the NSC which consists of the vice-president, the secretaries of State and Defense and the special assistant to the president for national security.

In case the U.S. deems it necessary to launch a military attack and war against other countries, this institution is tasked to rapidly decide and handle the matters.

Japan is now going to apply the U.S. method of deciding upon major policies to rapidly react to "contingency" and immediately launch a war of aggression according to the prime minister's resolution and intention.

The national security strategy to be presented by the security council, in essence, does not exclude the aggressive nature under any circumstances.

Japan recently adopted "active pacifism", a new self-portrait of Japan and a banner representing and leading Japan, as the main idea of the national security strategy. It is going to formally decide on it together with the "defence program guidelines" in December.

The national security strategy is nothing but a document for a war of aggression which specifies as a strategy the "defence program guidelines" censured by the international community as an aggressive document for war and a declaration of war. From this point of view, it is not hard to guess what disasters it will bring to the world in the future.

For Japan to round off the state machinery for aggression and adopt a war strategy is a reality on the horizon.

The Japanese authorities at a meeting of the Japan-U.S. security consultative committee held in Tokyo early in October garnered the U.S. support for reexamination of the interpretation of the constitution for exercising the "right to collective self-defense", establishment of the national security council and increase of defense budget.

On October 16 the meeting of experts of the Japanese government worked out even a proposal for studying actions for exercising the "right to collective self-defense" which specifies possible war actions of the Japanese armed forces.

The LDP's dominance in the election of the House of Councilors provided the present Japanese government with a golden chance for speeding up the establishment of the national security council.

Facts go to prove that Japan's moves for reinvasion have reached a graver phase.

The Japanese reactionaries' reckless moves to rapidly turn Japan into a war state are nothing but the fools' rash actions precipitating their self-destruction.

The Japanese authorities are following in the footsteps of the past Japanese imperialists who met a miserable end after suffering a defeat in the war while rushing headlong into militarization.

Japan would be well advised to behave with reason, properly understanding that its moves for turning it into a military power and launching overseas aggression would lead to its miserable destruction.

(KCNA - October 29, 2013)

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