Japan's shameless outbursts on abduction and sexual violence


The Japanese chief executive, speaking at the 68th UN General Assembly, cried out for "prevention of sexual violence and material and moral aid to those victims", claiming that "there can be no normalization of Japan-DPRK relations without the settlement of the abduction issue."

Abe Shinzo at 68th UNGA
Abe Shinzo
This is a cynical ploy to cover up the despicable true colors of Japan as the arch criminal which perpetrated so many abduction cases and enforced sexual slavery and evade the responsibility for redeeming its crime-woven past.

By origin, Japan is a criminal state which is not entitled to talk about "abduction" and "sexual violence".

It committed a great many hideous war crimes by invading Asian countries in the last century.

Abduction and sexual slavery are the most cruel and hideous crimes committed by Japan against humanity.

Japan took away more than 8.4 million innocent young and middle-aged Koreans as cannon fodder for a war of aggression and forced them to do slave labor. It, at the same time, forced 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavery for its aggressor troops, committing all sorts of sordid atrocities which made even brutes blush.

The crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past are unheard-of monstrous crimes for which Japan should pay a thousand times.

Had Japan been a country with good reason, it should have knelt down before the international community and admitted and made apology and reparation for its past crimes and thus turned over a new leaf.

However, the Japanese reactionaries have persistently denied its past crimes for the purpose of realizing their ambition for reinvasion which they have failed to do so far and are now working hard to make their shameless acts a policy.

Such despicable acts as putting the abductions perpetrated in the past into the shade are rampant in Japan where society is veering to the Right and moves are stepped up to turn it into a military giant.

Not content with committing "flesh traffic" in different parts of the world, the Japanese right-wing gangsters are unhesitatingly luring and abducting citizens of the DPRK. The appearance of Japan as a criminal state against humanity remains unchanged.

Such being a hard fact, Japan is becoming talkative about "abduction" and "sexual violence." This is an unpardonable mockery and challenge to justice and human conscience.

Japan is sadly mistaken if it thinks it can quell the voices of the DPRK and the international community urging the former to liquidate its past crimes by vociferating about "the issue of abduction".

The world is denouncing the Japanese chief executive's reckless remarks as "self-contradictory ones" and "outbursts to divert elsewhere the focus of the settlement of Japan's past crimes".

Japan would be well advised to lend an ear to the world public criticism and refrain from making disgusting remarks such as "the issue of abduction" and "the rights of women".

It should bear in mind that its liquidation of the past is essential for the DPRK-Japan relations and make a prompt and honest apology and reparation for all its past crimes including the sexual slavery.

(KCNA - October 4, 2013)

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