S Korean regime moves to disband Unified Progressive Party

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued the information bulletin No. 1048 on Thursday:

By CPRK Secretariat

Fascists move to disband Unified Progressive Party
UPP against pressure
The south Korean conservative group urged the puppet Ministry of Justice to form a "team of experts to take measures against political parties and organizations violating constitution" and staged the farce of making legal examination for the disorganization of the Unified Progressive Party. It decided to request the puppet constitutional court to try the case and is inviting lawyers for the trial.

The coteries of the "Saenuri Party" at a state inspection of the "National Assembly" set the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party as an issue top on agenda and are fanning up hysteria, talking about "enemy of liberal democracy".

The south Korean puppet conservative group's moves for the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party are a shocking fascist rowdyism unprecedented in history.

The group calls for disbanding the Unified Progressive Party, linking it with the DPRK. This is an unpardonable provocation and challenge to the DPRK.

The group is talking about "political party following the north" and "plotted rebellion". This is illogical sophism that can be made only by those obsessed by confrontation with fellow countrymen.

It is quite natural that the south Koreans of all social standings are denouncing the group's moves for the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party as "an act violating democracy", "neo-fascist act" and "an act of raising wind of McCarthyism".

The group is also trying to disorganize the Teachers Union, calling it the "heart of forces following the north" and "inside enemy". It even seeks to shut down Jaju Minbo, a progressive internet paper.

Its suppression is aimed to remove the core of the progressive forces in south Korea, shrink all the forces standing for reunification through alliance with the north and forces for democracy and reform and lay a springboard for its long-term stay in power.

The prevailing situation clearly proves that the puppet group is a horde of hideous fascist hooligans and confrontational maniacs who put the past military dictators into the shade.

(KCNA - October 24, 2013)

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