Fascist moves to dissolve Unified Progressive Party

A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Korean Social Democratic Party issued a statement on Saturday:

By Korean Social Democratic Party CC Spokesperson

Fascist moves to dissolve Unified Progressive Party
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The present conservative ruling forces and the coteries of the "Saenuri Party" of south Korea set up a "special team for measures against unconstitutional political parties and organizations" at the judicial body after labeling the Unified Progressive Party an "unconstitutional political party following the north". They are busy making a legal examination for forcibly dissolving the party. They are blustering that they would stage a trial for formally dissolving it around late in October.

The coteries of the "Saenuri Party" went the lengths of putting the dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party on major agenda at the state inspection at the "National Assembly", crying out for an "immediate dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party, the enemy of liberal democracy and unconstitutional political party".

This is the height of a base and fascist politically-motivated farce of the present south Korean puppet conservative ruling forces to indiscriminately crack down on even legitimate political parties and organizations in order to realize their ambition for staying in power for an indefinite period and achieve their partisan purpose.

South Korea is turning into a political tundra and fascist mayhem where political freedom and human rights are totally trampled down.

What merits a serious attention is that the conservative group is justifying its base political intrigues, labeling the Unified Progressive Party "forces seeking the collapse of the system linked with the north" and the party's programme "camouflaged programme of the north" in a bid to mislead public opinion.

If the group is allowed to pursue its moves to stamp out the Unified Progressive Party, this will throw the south Korean people into a harsher fascist rule.

The unbiased opinion and political parties of the world will pay due attention to the grave situation prevailing in south Korea and extend stronger solidarity to the south Korean people.

(KCNA - October 26, 2013)

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