Confrontation maniac Ryu Kil Jae


Ryu Kil Jae, puppet minister of Unification of south Korea, got so hysteric with confrontation with the DPRK that he is running a whole gamut of rubbish these days.

Ryu Kil Jae
Ryu Kil Jae
In a recent special lecture at a university this traitor spoke volumes about "confidence" and the like. He went the lengths of blustering that "as the parents persuade their children, the south should persistently persuade the north so that it may co-exist with the south". He jabbered that "the south approached the last talks for restarting the operation in the Kaesong Industrial Zone with such feelings."

What he uttered is a grave politically-motivated provocation against the DPRK as he revealed himself the true colors of the puppet group which has abused dialogue with fellow countrymen as a lever for confrontation to bring about "a regime change" and "collapse of the social system".

A string of rigmaroles let loose by Ryu made clearer what approach the puppet group has taken towards the dialogue with the north, why the hard-won atmosphere of reconciliation and cooperation between the north and the south was spoilt and what "confidence" touted by it is like.

As Ryu admitted, the south Korean regime has not abided by the principle of mutual respect and trust in relations with the north. The regime was so impudent as to put itself on such position to play a persuasive role towards the north, though no one recognizes it.

The negotiators from the south abused dialogue for confrontation of the social systems while dreaming of "change of social system" all the time, making it impossible for cooperation undertakings between the north and the south including the reunion of separated families and their relatives to make any progress.

By "confidence" and "policy toward the north" the south Korean regime means nothing but "insincerity" and the double-dealing and cunning attitude seeking only confrontation of the social systems.

What is ridiculous is that the guy who regards the inter-Korean relations as "those between parents and their children" is holding the post of minister of Unification in south Korea.

How a right "policy toward the north" can be worked out by the Ministry of Unification bossed by Ryu styling himself "head of experts on the north" though he does not know even ABC of the inter-Korean relations? And how can the north further dialogue with such guys bereft of sound way of thinking?

Confrontation will never help settle the issues of reconciliation, cooperation and reunification between the north and the south, the ardent desire of all Koreans.

Ryu Kil Jae would be well advised to apologize to all fellow countrymen for having challenged the desire of the nation for improved inter-Korean relations and the reunification of the country with the above-said nonsensical remarks.

Such confrontation maniacs as Ryu Kil Jae should be ousted as soon as possible for the sake of the nation and peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

(KCNA - October 1, 2013)

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