Anti-DPRK invectives of S Korean Unification Ministry


The coteries of the puppet Ministry of Unification of south Korea have not yet come to their senses, being bent on escalating confrontation, even though it is denounced as the "Unification Ministry forsaken by the nation".

Ryu Kil Jae
Ryu Kil Jae
Referring to the censure and warnings issued by the DPRK against the act of hurting its dignity and slandering its social system, they made such excuses as "groundless criticism" and "insult to the president elected by the people" some days ago.

Serious is that they again dared slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

In the DPRK the leader, the party and the people form socio-political organism and the people lead an independent and creative life by maintaining kindred relations with the leader who represents the center of the life of the socio-political community. One can understand the essence of society in the DPRK if he has elementary discerning ability.

We do not expect any sound understanding and recognition of human society from those political slaves who are seized by extreme individualism.

But what should not be overlooked is that the traitors dared hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, not content with letting loose sophism to evade their responsibility for the present situation and cover up their poor plight being censured inside and outside.

It is because their remarks are another serious politically-motivated provocation to escalate the confrontation between the north and the south.

As known, the DPRK, with the single desire to achieve reunification and prosperity common to the nation, expressed its will to hold dialogue for peace and approached the talks with broad magnanimity and great tolerance.

It was extremely fortunate not only for stability on the Korean Peninsula but for the reunification and prosperity of the nation that the atmosphere of dialogue was created in the relations between the north and the south that have experienced years of deterioration.

In fact, it was coteries of the Unification Ministry of south Korea who were to benefit from the improvement of the relations.

Those who serve at the Ministry of Unification despite their acts harmful to the nation should have tried their best, regarding the recent atmosphere as a golden opportunity for contributing to national reconciliation, cooperation and reunification and improving themselves.

But what they did were only acts instigating confrontation and division, not helpful for dialogue and reunification, and they have only sought the vicious ambition for a "regime change". The same thing happened not only on the eve of the dialogue but at a time when the dialogue was under way.

Typical example is Unification Minister Ryu Kil Jae. He insulted the north-south relations as "those between parents and children" and said that "he approached the talks for the resumption of operations in the Kaesong Industrial Zone from such stand" only to be censured by the public.

They are not normal in their ability of assessing the situation as they are imbeciles, bereft of elementary courtesy and traits, who are unable to observe the principle of respecting and trusting the dialogue partner.

The broad segment of south Koreans are skeptical about the "legitimacy of the election of the serving president" after the case of "Intelligence Service's interference in the presidential election" and are strongly demanding the resignation of the untrustworthy and insincere "government". Great irony is that the Ministry of Unification is talking about "president voted by the people" under such situation.

The fate of the present chief executive is like a light before wind, just seven months after she took office as she now faces the plummeting approval ratings being denounced as dictator, and announcement of resignation. But the ministry is talking about "dignity of 50 million people" though she put whole south Korea at the crossroad of life or death with her confrontational and unpopular rule, an insult to the south Koreans.

Those who are keen only on escalating confrontation are bound to become fools.

An adage goes that one should govern one's own tongue. The coteries of the Unification Ministry had better ponder over the consequences to be entailed by their wrong wagging of tongues.

(KCNA - October 14, 2013)

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