S Korean regime hypes Park's foreign trip

Absurd and foolish publicity given by political peddlers


Absurd and foolish publicity given by political peddlers
Park Geun Hye
The Park Geun Hye regime of south Korea is busy taking follow-up measures after Park's foreign trip.

It is giving publicity to "initiative for peace and cooperation" and "groundwork laid for security dialogue" and is trumpeting that she "elicited support of East Asian countries for confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula and initiative for peace in Northeast Asia".

It is absurd and foolish publicity given by political peddlers.

If they had an elementary sense as a politician, they might not have handled things in a reversed way.

Park made several foreign trips including the recent one in the capacity of the south Korean "president". But all she has done before the nation and history are an act of treachery of begging outsiders for international cooperation against fellow countrymen.

No wonder, during her maiden visit to the U.S. as "president" she slandered the DPRK's line on simultaneously pushing ahead with economic construction and the building of the nuclear force and talked such rubbish as "peace and unification based on the principle of free market economy" only to face such public criticism that "she was keen on standing in contrast to the north at the crossroads of war or peace".

Clear is the reason why the Park regime staged the farce of highlighting the success of her foreign trip.

Dependence on outsiders is a deep-seated mode of existence which she inherited from her father.

The regime vitiated the hard-won atmosphere of reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula and created serious confrontational circumstances again. But it is intensifying confrontation with fellow countrymen in alignment with foreign forces, far from making an apology before the nation.

It is keen on tightening sanctions and encircling ring around the DPRK in a bid to realize their ambition for invasion of the DPRK.

It confirmed the "tailored deterrence strategy", a scenario for a preemptive nuclear attack on the north, together with the U.S. and staged dangerous naval joint military exercises in the East, South and West Seas of Korea in succession with a U.S. nuclear carrier involved.

One can easily judge that the reckless act to isolate and stifle the fellow countrymen in reliance on outsiders will entail a serious consequence in the light of the geo-political features of the Korean Peninsula.

It is a historical lesson that dependence on foreign forces will escalate distrust and confrontation between fellow countrymen and cause a serious hurdle in the way of dialogue and cooperation.

It is highly ridiculous that the regime is trumpeting about "the initiative for peace in Northeast Asia" even though it caused serious situation of destroying peace and stability in the region by fanning up confrontation with fellow countrymen through cooperation with foreign forces.

The puppet regime which stakes its fate in dependence on foreign forces should understand that its racket for escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen will bring shame and political ruin to it.

(KCNA - October 23, 2013)

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