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Tell, Songun road

Shin Hye Young at Female Solo and Dance

2013년 7월 28일 4.25문화회관에서 진행된 조국해방전쟁승리 60돐경축 공훈국가합창단, 조선인민군협주단 음악무용종합공연 《우리의 총대우에 최후승리가 있다》중에서 녀성독창과 무용 《말하라 선군길아》 (k2k4music 해설)

Please find youtube video Tell, O Road of Songun Policy [English Subtitles] with explanation by DPRK Video Archive as follows:

Korean title: 말하라 선군길아
Japanese title: 話しなさい先軍道
Female solo and dance.
Singer: Shin Hye Yeong (신혜영)
From the concert: 《우리의 총대우에 최후승리가 있다》 (2013 7.28) On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Story Told by December12월이 전하는 이야기 (1)

December in Korea is a month of longing for the great leader Kim Jong Il.

In December the people more earnestly long for the great Kim Jong Il who passed away at work on the train on the ceaseless march of field guidance, exposing himself to snow and rain of the times. Though unwell in the last period of his life, he made greater efforts to visit more places, meet more people and do more work. In December Juche 99 or …